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Would you like something personalized, to gift yourself or a loved one? A lovely painting or drawing to frame on your wall? Here are some examples of my commission work:

A cute teddy bear series for the kid's room.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
A cute, personalized painting to commemorate a birth.
Baby Lion Baby Lion

Order Process for Commissions

Orders are only possible using individual communication. Here is a general outline of the order process:

  1. Contact me with your idea at clarice.hoetzel@gmail.com or through the contact form!
    • Animals in a cute or realistic style
    • Include reference pictures and a description, if you are looking for something specific.
    • Preferred medium (copics, ink, pencil or watercolor). Paper size will generally be A4 but can always be changed.
    • Any other instructions
  2. I will reply and:
    • Ask questions to clarify any open points.
    • Send a price estimate (usually 20-60 Euro including postage).
    • Might send a rough sketch of the idea.
    • Provide a time estimate of when the commission will be done (usually 1-2 weeks).
  3. You confirm that you agree and send me your mailing address.
  4. I will finish the work and send the bill along with a snapshot of the picture.
  5. You will transfer the payment (bank transfer or PayPal).
  6. Upon receipt of payment, I send you the picture! I’ll send you a confirmation as soon as it’s sent!

Note: Currently I am accepting shipping addresses only in Germany. Stay tuned for international orders!

Keep your eyes out for original works and prints coming soon.